Shaping with saws, belt and portable machines

Profile wheels for portable machines

Sintered or electroplated continuous
rim tools suitable for the shaping and honing of the slab edge.
Available in two positions for any profile, sizes and fittings to suit
all machines.

Rubber polishing wheels

Shaped tools for polishing profiles made with metallic diamond profile wheels. Available in all the standard profiles and special profiles on request in the following grain sizes: 220, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 (red, yellow, white, blue, orange). Sizes and fittings to suit all machines.

Segmented discs for curved cuts

Tools for curved cuts with manual shaping machines. Available in various sizes of the diameters required by the machine manufacturers.

Profile wheels for saws

These are either of the sintered segmented
type or the electroplated type. The sintered type
are suitable for processing granite, abrasive
stone and marble and are available with a
silentworking body. The electroplated type are
suitable for processing marble, hard stone and
travertine and come in various grain sizes.
Available with any profile and hole size.

Wheels for belt shaping machines

Electrodeposited tools designed for the
production of “frames” or straight profiles.
These are available in three grain sizes with
segmented or continuous rim.
Upon request, this item can be supplied with a
water-collecting body.